Thursday, June 10, 2010

Connick Dade in "Solo"

About "Solo: Introducing Connick Dade! He's a hot young athlete with a raging sex drive and a big uncut cock that is deserving of attention! He'll try anything once, especially if he can make a buck or two, so when I offered him some money to jack off and shoot his load. That mischievous smile crossed his face and he said, 'Okay, now?' Connick has a great sense of humor, craves being the center of attention, and loves showing off his cock. His friends are surprised he hasn't been arrested because his cock is outside his pants more than it's in. So jerking off for you is a perfect fit! What surprised me about Connick is that he has no inhibitions. When it came time to play with his ass he started smacking it and fingering his hole without being told. Connick is definitely an exhibitionist and he loves stroking his cock for you and shooting his load!

About Connick Dade: I like Connick Dade because he's a goofy fucker, and I mean that in the highest regards! Rarely is he serious and despite the fact that it took a lot to get him to be sexual, there are still occasions where his goofy self shine through. Personally, if I had shot him, I would have just let him be his silly normal self while jacking his cock. Maybe I'll bring him back to do that. What you do get is a hot bi newcomer with a cute face and athletic body in his first videos. Yes, that is plural. Originally, Connick only wanted to do solos, but he felt so comfortable doing his solo that he returned the next day to fuck a guy.

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