Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Str8 hunky boy Alex

Alex is one of the sites favourite str8 lads; He is tall and hairy with a muscular and real defined body and one of those cocks that is rarely seen soft as it seems to spend most of its time pointing straight up in the air! Alex had a fantasy about having sex with a transsexual and so when we found one Alex was real exited! So just check out what happens in this shoot you see one of our straightest lads gobbling down on a big cock and its not long before its sliding into his hole! Its not just sliding, but being rammed into his ass, I cant believe Alex is happy to get a big cock up his ass just so he can play with a pair of tits! Some pounding of Alex's ass later and Alex is getting fucked and shoots a nice big load! Wow what was all that about!?

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