Monday, June 14, 2010

Fred from DirtyTony

This tattooed muscle hunk says that he has done it all: gangbangs, getting fucked by trannies, being railed through anonymous glory holes, letting his girlfriends strap on dildos and plow him. The list keeps going as I interview this filthy sex fiend, and I can tell he likes that it turns me on. It is definitely one of the hottest interviews I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. His sleeve tattoos, completely shaved body, and taut musculature made it hard to concentrate on the questions I was asking. I start the cameras rolling and let the stud show off his huge, thick cock as I measure it with my tape measure. He quickly starts working on his uncut manhood, while playing with his tight asshole. Fred spits on his fingers and massages them deep into his hole, getting ready to blow his load. Before he gets all the way there, he asks if he can suck my cock--off camera. I oblige this hooligan, letting him slurp and moan contentedly, just out of view of my lens. Erupting wads of cum all over his nice abs, Fred gives out sighs of ecstasy as each droplet hits his body.

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