Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rex Barclay in "Solo"

About "Solo: Rex Barclay is probably one of the most strikingly handsome men I have ever met! What I really love is that his body is manly and naturally muscled. Coupled with those remarkable hazel eyes and devilish smile, he has a great personality which makes him very approachable. And when he talked with you, he looks you directly in the eyes and immediately you are drawn in. Rex has a great cock. You can almost imagine what it would feel like, and what it would taste like, as you are sucking him while it's glowing and getting hard in your mouth. But it's his incredible heavy low hanging balls that won me over, and while his jacking his prick it is mesmerizing watching them bounce. Let's not forget about that sculpted furry ass. I'll admit that I sometimes question whether or not a self proclaimed straight guy is really bi. I did not sense that in Rex. He says he's straight and I believe him. So when he showed off his ass and felt up and smacked it a few times for you it was par for the course. What shocked me was when he slid his finger in his butt hole. Afterward I asked why he did it. 'Wasn't I supposed to?' he said. 'I thought you wanted me to, that your members wanted me to.' 'No no! It's fine! It's wonder! It's perfect. Anytime you want to put something in your butt I will definitely bring you back!' So here you go...Rex's first cum shot, and ass play, on video!

About Rex Barclay: Welcome testosterone packed Rex Barclay! I had met Rex earlier this year when he was toying with the idea of doing a solo, a time that I wasn't producing any solos, and he asked, 'What it would take to book me?' I told him to show me his cock. He dropped his pants and tugged at his dick. I love being in a position in which I can tell a straight guy to show me his junk and he does it. Rex is striking and I would book him even if he had not dropped his pants, but I feigned disinterest. 'No offense,' I said, 'it's average.' 'But look at my balls,' he said, showing me his low hangers. They were heavy with one hanging lower than the other. 'They're full of cum.' I reach forward to cup them and he stepped out of reach, shocked, but then I could see in his eyes what needed to be done to get the job. He looked around and he stepped forward. 'Quick so no one sees.' I cupped them and they were extremely heavy, probably the two best nuts I have ever touched. Then he freaked, stepped back again and pulled up his pants, asking, 'Do I get the job?' We'll see. Flash forward a few months and he's busting a nut on the site.

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