Friday, June 4, 2010

Erik Haaz and Jeremy Jozz in "First Gay Experience"

About "First Gay Experience: When Jeremy Jozz told me he was open to doing guy on guy I immediately knew his scene partner would be Erik Haaz! With that much testosterone and muscles I knew it would be a great scene. Jeremy is kind of a book worm and introverted so I feared that he would be kind of quiet. That wasn't the case. Jeremy KNOWS how to express his pleasure. Originally, Jeremy was supposed to top, but he got up in his head about his cock's ability to perform, and before I knew it Erik was fucking Jeremy. Honestly, I'm ecstatic that you get to see Jeremy's tight jock ass get pounded by a guy who LOVES fucking other men because his ass was made to be topped. It's fun watching a guys suck cock for the first time because they tend to stroke the dicks and lick them a little more than true cocksuckers who usually swallow cocks and keep them buried deep in their mouths and throats. Hmm. I guess there is nothing wrong that that, either, but it's a nice diversion to watch the first timers occasionally. I thought Jeremy would have the most difficult eating ass for the first time, but he dove right in and tongued Erik's hole as if it were the most natural thing he could do. Then Jeremy gets fucked, and I think he enjoyed it a little more than he expected because he got lost in the pleasure of the experience quite a few times, moaning and groaning as if he never wanted Erik to pull out. Erik was totally into riding Jeremy's hairy virgin ass and dumped a load all over the jock's butt cheeks. Finally, when Jeremy cums, you get to see his beautiful blood engorged at its finest, veiny and red and spurting all over!

About Jeremy Jozz: Jeremy Jozz is a straight college jock who heard he could make some extra money jacking off! When I booked him I asked if he would be open to doing anything with a guy, and when he found out how much he could make he was all for topping another guy. When push comes to shove, some of the straight guys get in their heads and are unable to pound another guy's ass. Jeremy was one of those guys, and the only way he would walk away with the cash was to give up his hot tight ass. So I would like to introduce you to newcomer Jeremy Jozz's first gay experience, and he does pretty good considering he does the full gamut of kissing, sucking cock, rimming and getting ass fucked! Don't you just love getting to watch hot straight jocks having their ass cherry popped?

About Erik Haaz: When I first met Erik he was aloof and stand offish, but I have to admit that if I had a 'sex in a dark alley' fantasy, Erik Haaz would be the guy lurking in the shadows. What I love about this rough and tumble stud is that he's willing to take it as long and hard as he gives it. Yes, he's versatile! And in my fantasy he would be sandwiched between two muscle gods as I watched from the shadows. In reality, when you get Erik one on one, he is one of the sweetest, shyest men that you'll meet. The 'tough guy' persona that he slips into is years in the making, and keeps him from getting hurt. I've met a lot of people like that. It keeps them well protected. Fortunately, after Erik warms up to you he lets his guard down. Unless you like that uber self confidence, then keep him at bay and follow him into that dark alley!

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