Saturday, June 12, 2010

Damian Darrid and Nathan Eclain in "Swap Fucking Roomies"

About "Swap Fucking Roomies: What do you do when you're horny as sin and your girlfriend can't lend a hand? If you're Nathan Eclain you see if your roommate can lend a hand, or a mouth, and possibly his ass. The great thing about college guys is that they're one big raging hormone, so when Nathan goes into the kitchen by Damian Darrid, his roomie doesn't even need to ask. There's a little kissing and almost immediately their clothes are off and Damian is bobbing on Nathan's hard cock. As much as Nathan wants to dump his load, homework is looming and he avoids it by returning the favor. Now Damian is precumming and wants to fuck his roommate so he turns Nathan around and gets his hole all sloppy wet with a good tonguing. But Nathan isn't the only one giving up his ass. His intention from the beginning was to cock fuck his friends ass, and eats his tasty hole before once again swallowing his big cock. Damian trusts his roommate but he isn't about to give up his ass first, so mouths and tongues Nathan cock and hole again. When it is relaxed and dripping wet, Damian fucks his friend's perfect butt, ramming his cock deep inside. He's about to cum and stops for a while. It's been a long time since anything has been in his ass so Nathan works him for a while with a dildo, getting him nice and loose, and when his hole finally pops open Nathan mounts he buddy feeling his cock ramming in that hot tight hole. At this point Damian is really getting into it and sits on his roomie's cock so he can get it as deep inside him as possible. He rides his buddy's cock until they are both ready to bust a nut. Quickly he jumps down, pulls Nathan's ass toward him and slam fucks the cum out of his buddy, finally dumping his own load all over Nathan's ass.

About Nathan Eclain: As soon as I saw Nathan Eclain I knew I had to book him for a flip fuck. Nathan is stunning from head to toe with beautiful blue eyes and lips that were made for wrapping around a nice thick cock. His body is perfectly chiseled from years of playing numerous sports. Not only does he have a great uncut dick, Nathan has one of the muscular asses that clenches and ripples when he is fucking, and looks sensational with a hard on buried deep inside him. The thing I enjoy most about Nathan is watching him have sex. He gets so into it, and the moans and groans of pleasure never stop. This is one must see cock hound!

About Damian Darrid: Damian Darrid is roommates with andlt;a href="modelGallery.cfm?modelID=112"andgt;Nathan Eclainandlt;-aandgt;. Although they are both gay for pay porn actors, supposedly they have never had sex with each other. Whether or not they have, I could care less. Damian is fucking hot and I wanted to share him with you. If you like nasty boys, Damian should be near the top of your list. He is game for virtually anything, from extreme sports to daredevil stunts. He is drawn toward danger! If there is risk and potential physical pain he is all for it! You wouldn't necessarily think that by looking at him. Not upon first meeting. But if you watch his eyes you'll notice his restlessness and defiance. He is definitely a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, wrapped up in a devilishly handsome package. And if you're looking for nothing but sex, he'll slam you as long as you want with his big cock. Or do you want his tight muscled ass? It's for the taking. Ride him until you're satisfied! He likes it all!

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