Tuesday, June 8, 2010

David White, Nick Daniels and Tomas Coccin in "Double Penetration"

About "Double Penetration: Three boys, two of which get double penetrated, and a whole bunch of mouths and asses stuffed with cock! David White, Tomas Coccin and Nick Daniels are three insatiable cock hungry college guys. David and Nick are playing cards when they hear their buddy chub rubbing in the other room. For a while they watch before going in and offering some help. Nick loves cock and immediately goes down on Tomas, but one throbbing hard on isn't enough, so David strips and Nick greedily devours both dicks at the same time. Then it's David's turn to get his mouth stuffed with two raging hard ons, and he spends quality time servicing his friends. The guys went in the room to help Tomas, so they eat his ass getting him nice and ready for a good pounding. David did most of the rimming and is the first to nail Tomas' tight pink hole while Tomas blow Nick. Then it's Nick's turn, but David isn't quite finished with Tomas, so Nick fucks David while David slams Tomas. Now Tomas is loose and sits on Nick and then David shoves his cock in his buddy and Tomas rides both cocks. Then cock hungry Nick wants to see what it feels like to be double penetrated, and his friends gladly nail him at the same time. When their finished stretching Nick's ass, David sits on Tomas's cock and shoots his load. Then Nick cums on Tomas' face. Finally, Tomas dumps his load all over David's ass. Cum see all the DP fun! And don't forget to watch the 30 minute Double Penetration Behind the Scenes bonus video.

About Tomas Coccin: Tomas Coccin had never considered being in porn, despite the fact that one of his best friends, Alex Granger, has been doing gay porn for a number of years. A few weeks ago Alex asked Tomas for a ride to one of his porn shoots. When they arrived my director-videographer Adam was wowed by Tomas, asking if he could snap a few nudes while Alex filled out his paperwork. Tomas agreed and they talked while taking the pictures. Tomas said he would try a solo, but nothing hard core. Adam sent me the nudes, asking what I thought. No brainer. I told Adam to book him for a solo, and they set a date for the shoot. Life has a strange way of working out. Yesterday, Alex showed up for his second scene for the site. His scene partner bailed at the last minute so Adam cancelled the shoot. Alex asked for a moment and called someone. Thirty minutes later Tomas Coccin was in the studio. Tomas has a great mix of a boy-ish innocent face and jock-ish body that turns heads. Although he is only nineteen, he has a solid 'I don't care what others think about me' attitude about his bisexuality. 'I have no preference,' he told me. 'If there is a hot guy and a hot girl standing there I don't have to decide, I'll fuck them both. Or he can fuck me while I'm fucking her.'

About Nick Daniels: Nick Daniels is a bi guy who loves to play. If the end result means that he will cum, he'll try anything. After the shoot I asked what he's already tried. 'A little bit of everything," Nick said. 'Some light SM and fetish. Water sports. My favorite is DP. I love to be double penetrated.' 'I wish I would have known because I would have booked you in a threesome.' 'That would have been so hot,' he said, 'having two guys fuck me really deep! How about a foursome or fivesome next time? Then I can suck one or two guys while two others are fucking me!' Now that WOULD be hot!

About David White: David White is fun to be around. His conversations are gushing with sexual innuendos, and he's a huge cock tease. Knowing that going in, it's fun bantering with him. David is just cute, in a dirty, nasty, sexy way. If that make sense. He has one of those tight bodies that begs to be tossed around in bed. To my surprise he had a spectacular ass that was made to be fucked. 'What do you do for fun?' I asked. I looked at me as if the answer were obvious. 'Sex.' 'What do you do when you're not having sex?' 'I do four things. Sex, party, sleep, and school. Pretty much in that order.'

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