Friday, June 4, 2010

Renalto Bellagio and Sergio Soldi in "Fucking Renalto"

About "Fucking Renalto: When I told Renalto Bellagio that I wanted to book him for a flip flop, he said, 'I would rather be passive 'for a big muscular man with a huge cock.' I suggested Sergio Soldi and Renalto's eyes lit up and he smiled. 'Perfect!' Renalto and Sergio were so into each other that they started making out before the camera was even rolling, so this video leans more towards 'real sex' because I let them do whatever they wanted and just taped them. The few edits I did make were to keep the video at a reasonable length; otherwise there would have been a half hour of cock sucking. They couldn't get enough of each other's dicks. The fucking in this video is amazing because Sergio takes control of Renalto's ass, and Renalto loves every minutes of the plowing. They get so carried away while doing the reverse cowboy that the plant and light are bouncing and swaying. And it's nothing short of sheer hotness with Renalto's cock fucked hole repeatedly winking open and shut after Sergio pulls out and cums all over Renalto's ass.

About Sergio Soldi: I was looking for an uber masculine man to do some topping and a model manager said, 'You need Sergio Soldi; he's tall, ripped and shredded, and furry!' When I saw his pics I knew exactly who I wanted him to fuck! Sergio has been around for couple of years, and when he tops he drills his partners' asses as if he owns them. It's awesome watching his cock pound ass so effortlessly. What I like about Sergio is that he's well spoken and he looks just as hot in a suit as he does jeans and an old t-shirt.

About Renalto Bellagio: Renalto Bellagio is a hot hairy versatile man that through his younger brother Enrico! After shooting 'Fucking Michael', Enrico said, 'I know a really masculine bottom who would be great for your site.' I asked, 'Have you ever fucked him?' 'No.' Enrico sneared. 'He's my brother.' When I saw Renalto, yes, I thought he would be a good on the site. 'How are you at sucking cock?" I asked. Renalto dropped to his knees, looked up, and opened his mouth waiting for me to feed him. I smiled. 'That won't be necessary. I'll book you.' What I like about Renalto is that he's masculine without feeling he has anything to prove. He's the type of guy who could easily talk with a buddy about getting his ass fucked while changing the oil or replacing an alternator.

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