Sunday, June 13, 2010

Professional Footballer Jay

Professional footballer Jay is a very fit bodied lad with every muscle finely tuned. His shirt comes off and he reveals a smooth and toned body; his shorts come off and he reveals a muscular pair of thighs! His shorts comes off and its clear his boxers a well filled! He drops them and his cock is dangling and waiting to be touched… and its not waiting for long as after a couple of strokes he is sporting a nice semi which after a few more hard strokes is pointing up and fully erect! Jay is a pro sportsman with a very hard cock and not afraid of showing it off and shows his hole, hair free and spreads his legs and spreads his cheeks, no wider is possible though he pushes his finger where it should go! After a little more playing around Jay lies back and dumps a nice load over his abs and over the bed!

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